Day 2 of Raku

I’m here and getting started. Running a little slow today. Probably won’t start firing till 10am but weather looks good so I will probably go till 5 or 6 tonight. If your coming out late give me a call 410-387-1321. We are open for regular business today also. So if you have something you were trying to get finished come on out and get it done.

Raku Day 5/20 & 5/21

So I am looking at the weather for next weekend and they are calling for rain early on Saturday and cloudy on Sunday. It is still 7 days away and we all know the weather in MD. Hopefully it will change in our favor. I can not fire in the rain but anything else is a go. If you were looking to come out and watch or buy and you have any doubt give us a call at 410-387-1321 and ask what’s going on. I have over 50 pieces available that are $25 for the vase and $35 with a candle in it. I am going to start glazing pieces this week so if you want to pick out the one you want and choose the color stop in from Wednesday on from 5-8 pm.

Lesson Price Update

I only buy clay and glazes about once a year due to the quantities that I buy. Plus clay stores indefinitely, so it’s easier. I normally purchase 2000 lbs. or more. As I have been doing my research to see what new types of clay I want to add this year in addition to keeping all the current ones I have come to find out that the clay prices have increased a fair amount. the glaze prices have gone up even more. In the past I have bought Duncan glazes and received a 50% discount off of the retail prices if I purchased $1000 worth. Duncan has gone out of business and now I am paying retail for all my glazes. So basically my glaze prices have just doubled. So the increase is not going to make me more money, but it will help to cover some of the increase.

Starting immediately my lesson prices will be $50 per person no matter what the group size is. So basically I can no longer give discounts for the group size. My price for one person has always been $50 and that is not changing. I will just be removing the multiple person discount.

In addition I will now be putting up to 6 people in each one of my available dates. So if you group is not 6 people large you may have others in the room with you. I have limited days and I have been getting a lot of request for lessons.

I hope everyone can understand. Just like every other business, we too are going through the prices increases due to the current economy.

Thank you for your continued support, Bob

Last day to finish items you want back for Christmas is 12/17/22.

Just a couple notifications. Everything low fire that was done has been fired. If the kiln is cool enough tonight I will post pictures on Facebook page.

The last day to glaze items that you want for Christmas will be December 17th 2022. I will fire after that and those items will be available for pick up on Thursday 12/22 and Fri 12/23.

We will be closed 12/21 and 12/24/22.

Thanksgiving Holiday Schedule 2022

The studio’s Holiday schedule this week. We will be open Wednesday and Saturday normal hours. We will be closed Thursday and Friday.

Wed 5-9 pm
Sat 10 am-6pm
Get here an hour before closing.

We will be honoring Small Business Saturday. On Saturday anything you buy will be 40% off the studio fee. So the price of the piece will be the regular price and then you will get 40% off of the studio fee. Items will not have to be finished on Saturday but you will have to have them completed in 90 days. Christmas Trees are excluded from this sale. They use way to much glaze.