Paint Your Own Pottery

We have approximately 1200 different pieces to choose from.  We are constantly adding pieces to our inventory.

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Our pieces range from $2 to $25 per piece.  Each piece also has a studio fee which is the same price as the piece.  Since that fee is for the use of the studio and supplies we do not have to charge tax on that portion.

We have decided to price this way so you know exactly what a piece is going to cost.  There are no studio fees based on time spent in the studio.  I want everyone to be able to relax and take as much time as needed to complete their piece exactly like they want and to never feel rushed.  If you are not done, you place your piece on an incomplete shelf and come back another day to finish it with no additional cost.

The studio fee includes the use of all of our supplies and tools.  It also includes the firing to finish the piece.


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