Throwing Wheels

We currently have six throwing wheels.  They are all commercial Brent models.  We have two model CXC, three model C, and one model B.

We are currently using cone 6 clay on the wheels with Duncan glazes.  I will be making my own glazes in the future.



Highwater – Little Loafers – Light grey porcelain-like stoneware cone 6. Very smooth plastic throwing clay. Throws like a stoneware but looks like a light grey porcelain. Top tile cone 6 oxidation with shrinkage 11% and absorption 1.9% plus. Bottom tile cone 6 reduction.

Red Rock

Highwater – Red Rock – A cone 6 oxidation clay that truly succeeds where others only try. It actually looks like a cone 10 reduction clay. A warm toasty color with a nice textured appearance and a spare use of speckling gives a very beautiful clay both unglazed and under your favorite glazes. Top tile is cone 4 in oxidation with shrinkage of 9% and absorption of 4.9%. Bottom tile cone 6 oxidation with shrinkage of 10% and absorption of <1%.


Standard – 553 – A very versatile throwing and handbuilding clay. Truely vitrified at cone 6. Cone 6 shrinkage 12% and absorption 2.7%.

We will be adding some other clays in the future.

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Pricing – Pricing to use the wheels is based on the weight of clay purchased.  Any of the above clays are sold at $4 for 1 lb.

Additionally there is a $4.00 per lb studio fee.  The studio fee includes using the wheel to work the clay,  coming back to trim pieces, firing to bisque, Glazing the piece, firing to finish.

Example – 5 lbs of clay $20.00, Studio Fee $20.00, Tax on Clay $1.20, Total $41.20

So this is the total for 5 lbs.  It covers a finished piece.  It can be one large piece or 5 small ones.  No matter what you make from the 5 lbs it would be $41.20 completed.  Time in the studio is not limited.  You can take your time and enjoy yourself.

We will sell reclaimed clay for $1.00 less per lb when it is available.

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