Saturday Sale

Saturday 2/23/19, Buy one piece at regular price and get 50% off the studio fee of a second piece. Two pieces must be for the same person. They don’t need to be painted on Saturday. At the Essex Ceramic Studio you can always take as much time as you want to paint a piece.


I will be running a low fire Kiln on Saturday night.  So any paint your own pottery  finished by the end of the day on Saturday will be ready for pick up on 2/27/19.

2 thoughts on “Saturday Sale”

    1. I use a white Earthenware low fire for all of my paint your own pottery pieces. I have a cone 6 Stoneware slip also but I would only use that at a request because it cost more than the Earthenware. Plus the Cone 6 would have to go into a different firing temperature.


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