Thanksgiving Holiday Schedule 2022

The studio’s Holiday schedule this week. We will be open Wednesday and Saturday normal hours. We will be closed Thursday and Friday.

Wed 5-9 pm
Sat 10 am-6pm
Get here an hour before closing.

We will be honoring Small Business Saturday. On Saturday anything you buy will be 40% off the studio fee. So the price of the piece will be the regular price and then you will get 40% off of the studio fee. Items will not have to be finished on Saturday but you will have to have them completed in 90 days. Christmas Trees are excluded from this sale. They use way to much glaze.

4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Holiday Schedule 2022”

    1. Anytime I list a Raku firing here and on my Facebook page you can do a horse hair piece. I did three Raku firings this year. I can not do them in the winter. I will do my first for next year when the weather warms in the spring.


      1. I’m not sure why I seem to receive some of your e-mails but have not received any regarding raku or a listing with this included. Can you please check to see if for some reason I am not included in some mailings? I really wanted to do a piece for a friend who has horses. She gave me samples from all of them to make a piece for her.


        Anita Jones


      2. My only guess is because they go out to a lot of people maybe your email flagged it as spam. I also have a Facebook page I post to. It is essexceramicstudio. If you follow that also you should get it from one or the other.


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